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If you have kid’s clothes, toys or party supplies that are in very good condition, just accumulating dust in your house, why not hire them and make some money while helping other people to find what they need temporary for a fair price?

As parents we all know kids play with some toys for only a few times and then get bored. Not to say the expensive clothes we buy and use only once for a special occasion or worse, never had the chance to use because the baby grown up before you had the chance.

And all the party decoration that we buy to use just once and never more because next birthday is another theme!

Would you like to earn an extra, passive income out of those items?


If yes, join our team and become one of our members today! There is no subscription or monthly payment. If you hire, you earn money, if you don't, you don't lose anything!


Contact us to discuss what items you think could benefit other children around Auckland and let's make this happen!

We will help you advertise them, the client will pick the items up at your house and you will receive the money without any effort! Easy peasy!

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