Electric Pump

From NZ$

All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free



Closed System with a hygienic back flow protection system.
Hospital Grade Pump - one of the quietest in the market
Mimics baby's natural suction allowing faster let down.
Adjustable vacuum setting with a wider variation of suction levels

Main body, 2 breast shields (inner diameter 24mm), 2 bottles (150ml), 2 bottle covers, 2 bottle stands, 2 air tubes, 2 caps, 2 disks, 2 valves, 2 silicon massagers.

It also comes with a lightweight microwave steriliser for you to make sure all the breast pump parts will be safe to use again.

Teats are not included with Unimom pumps. Any standard narrow neck teat will fit Unimom bottles.

Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump - YouTube

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland